Whether it is custom gifts for my Real Estate clients, marketing vinyl for my vehicles, or home decor for our house, Say it With Style Vinyl always manages to exceed my expectation! Truly genuine people with the creativity to custom design items I would fail to imagine! Thank you for everything you have done for my business and family!
— Lucas O'Neill

The Idea

We couldn't do this without each other. I have all the visions and ideas, and he brings them to life for me. Working as a solo team is a constant and demanding job but we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Our vision is BIG and long term. We will consistently be offering new fresh inventory, the oldies but goodies, as well as help you create custom pieces for your homes, businesses, and vehicles! 

Local to the Boise Idaho area since 2014 but we happily ship all across the US.

Style & Quality

I think one of our favorite things about this business is that every job we do is different in some way. Whether it is our ideas or yours we have so much fun with all the different angles and styles brought to us to work with. It never gets boring!

We stand behind the quality of our work and materials we use, and strive to uphold the highest reputation. We will not sell you anything but our best work and confidently offer warranties  to prove it.   

100% Handmade

We take great pride in creating our products completely and totally from scratch. Each piece of wood is hand picked, cut, sanded, routed, stained or painted, and finished by our 4 hands. 

I personally design each piece of vinyl we cut and from the computer, to the table, to the surface it goes on, to packaging and shipping, we love creating personal and hands on relationships and experiences with each of our wonderful clients.